Visualise French silk flowers, vintage beads and laces and beautiful fanciful extra's. At Vintage Rose we create one of a kind, alluring creations that are often fun, sometimes dramatic but they are always feminine.

The head-pieces are made all year round although we specialise in Race Day and Wedding pieces.

When you want a specific head piece for that very exciting celebration, we match the design to your outfit. We just love seeing your complete presentation come together.

Rosie is known for crafting gorgeous garlands and headpieces from dreamy vintage and not so vintage flowers. Rosie goes to great depths to find the perfect blooms. At Vintage Rose we are all very fussy with all our creations. There is always a bit of magic that goes into them!

Every new day brings a new opportunity to express ourselves. I love to take this a little too far. The Artisan in me wishes to inspire, make you think and make you feel. I live in my own colourful world, I don't know how to be any other way. I wake up and ask myself the question "how do i wish to present myself to the world today?". I'm not satisfied with ordinary, I can only ever be magical!