Vintage Rose has a vast range of beautifully beaded and sequinned evening bags, a delightful array of colourful tote and handbags, as well as a selection of makeup and coins purses.

Rosie specialises in handbags that incorporate a collage of flowers made from fine silks, delicately printed cottons and crocheted flowers. Often you will find vintage beads and buttons lifting the bag into a wonderful piece of artwork.

A collection of beautiful vintage bags also feature instore.

I love rainbows, they are one of the most beautiful artistic creations that nature herself can paint for us.

I'm always mesmerised and enchanted by their breathtaking beauty when they appear in an untouchable distance. It's a beauty which comes from the paintbrush of divinity. Today I have decided to carry a rainbow in my hands. I want everything I make to hold its magical energies.